Case Study: Splash Color

Case Study: ColorSplash Web Design

Here at serpable we work with all kinds of clients. If you read some of our other case studies you’ll see that we’ve worked with small businesses, sole traders and beyond.

But one of the most common types of business we deal with is the web design company. There are a ton of web design companies out there which makes a lot of sense seeing as this is an easy service that anyone can provide from anywhere in the world.

This makes life easier in some ways, but it also makes life harder in others. Why’s it hard? Because there’s so much competition. Standing out as a web designer is tricky and the keyphrases that you can rank for tend to be very generic and broad.

So this was the problem we were faced with when we were contacted by a company we’ll called ‘ColorSplash Web Design’. And this is how we smashed that problem.

What We Did for ColorSplash.

Being a web design company, we didn’t have to do any major on-site optimization for ColorSplash. Their site already looked great, loaded quickly and had well-implemented keyphrase.

The problem really was the nature of those keyphrases. They were going after things like ‘Cheap Web Design’ and ‘Ecommerce Web Design’. Problem is: so is everyone else!

Instead, we did some research and found that they were actually in a very good area to target for their services. In other words, there were lots of local searches for web design and people as a rule like to work with design companies that are in the same area. By going after some carefully chosen local keyphrases, we were able to help ColorSplash to sidestep the bulk of the competition and to very quickly get some traction in the SERPs (fancy speak for ‘Search Engine Results Pages’).

At the same time, we also recommended that they partner with some local businesses to do guest posts. There was a local app development company near them for instance and we managed to get them a guest post on that site. We also managed to get them guest posts on the website of a local paper thanks to some press releases.

This gave them enough traction to start branching out in broader categories. We started targeting slightly more global keyphrases after a few months and because the site was already performing well on Google we managed to leap frog some of the competition.
And meanwhile we did something very smart for them on Pinterest…

Social Media and SEO Go Hand in Hand.

The best SEO companies aren’t just SEO companies any more. It’s important to understand the interplay of SEO, social media and more in order to gain the most momentum possible.

And for ColorSplash, this meant getting them on Pinterest. Pinterest is a highly visual social media tool that people often use for inspiration. The key when you create a social media channel is to offer value and in that regard you can almost think of it like a service.
For ColorSplash we created a Pinterest Board all about web-friendly fonts. In no time at all, web designers, writers, app developers and more were following the board and repining our posts. And in no time at all, this led to more traffic for ColorSplash.

Tracking and Analytics

We also set ColorSplash up with a high-end lead tracking program. This helped them see more precisely where their best customers were coming from and which aspects of our campaign were working best for them.

We also collect a lot of analytics ourselves when performing SEO services. This allows us to supply our clients with in-depth reports detailing precisely what we’re doing for them and what’s working. We really believe in communication when it comes to SEO and in transparency – we like to keep you in the driving seat and make sure you’re 100% happy with everything we’re doing to help you get discovered online.
So where is ColorSplash now? Well, they’re actually ranking for some very popular keywords and the business has really taken off. They were one of our earliest clients and we’ll be working with them for a long time. We have some crazy high ambitions for the company but we also have every faith that they’re going to come to fruition!

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