Case Studies

Energy Advice Line

We have worked for this energy comparison company since we started in 2001 they have survived multiple Google updates with minimal fluctuations, meaning the online applications were reduced by a minimal amount during these periods and we have always got them back to the pre update position.  Read More .....

The Dogtor

This emotional support company has had their online traffic double in under 6 months of using our online marketing and SEO services. We have done this though a number of different techniques but tripling their site size has really helped with their ranking and conversions.  Read More .....

SEO 1 Click

With our help this SEO company has managed to increase the site traffic of each of their many clients. We have also created brand awareness for thier comapny leading to some new clients for them.  Read More .....

Unsecured Loans 4 You

This loan company has seen a large increase in applications made on their site, which were generated from a new keyword we recommended. We recommended the keyword after our research into their niche and completeing a keyword evaluation. This has increase in loan applications has seen an increase in thier profits.  Read More .....

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What Our Customers Say

Shane Melaugh

“My site was struggling before Serpable”

I had hired online marketing companies before as almost all of my business comes from my website and I needed to increase sales. The other companies made a small amount of difference to start with but then nothing for months and months in a row and I couldn't help or advice from the companies. Serpable, however, have gotten me to position 2 or 3 on at least 3 of my money terms. Best thing I ever did hiring Serpable

Nicole Tavern

Situated In Bournemouth