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Case Study: Galaxy EPOS

Case Study: Galaxy EPOS

Here at serpable we like to share stories of the success we’ve had with previous clients. We feel it helps our visitors to better understand precisely what it is we do and how SEO can work for them.

And to be honest, we also just love bragging about how much we’ve helped so many small businesses!

Today we’re focussing on a company that we’ll call ‘Galaxy EPOS’. That’s not the real name of course (most clients prefer us not to mention them by name) but it has a nice ring to it…

What is Galaxy EPOS? So what’s Galaxy EPOS? Nothing! I just told you – I made it up…

Just messin’. The real company behind Galaxy EPOS is indeed an EPOS business. EPOS for those that don’t know, stands for ‘Electronic Point Of Sale’. That in turn means that this was a company that sold essentially the electronic software component for a till machine. And it’s a pretty awesome product they have too with lots of modern innovations like tablet and ecommerce support. So a store can sell something in person and sell something online and the software would automatically update the inventory. It supported Apple Pay, you name it, it was good.

The problem was that this was a very small company that had until now been trying to handle its own SEO and online marketing. And it hadn’t been going all that well. Fortunately, the company had the self-awareness to realize this and to get in touch with us for a bit of help.
Here’s what happened…

The Challenge

When the company first got in touch with us, it had some serious problems.

For starters, the website didn’t actually say anything about what the company did! It wasn’t optimized for any search term other than ‘EPOS’ (which is way too competitive for a small business) and the only other form of marketing they had was a Facebook page where they occasionally said things like ‘Galaxy EPOS is the best EPOS solution!’. Not exactly engaging…

There was a very slim chance anyone was going to find this site and if they did, they would just get confused by lots of ‘business’ words like ‘Success!’ and ‘Synergy!’ and leave. What’s more, the site wasn’t even responsive which means that Google would have penalized them heavily in mobile search.

And unfortunately, Galaxy EPOS only had a very small budget to spend on SEO. Good thing they found us then!

How We Helped Galaxy EPOS

We always work with all our clients to ensure we match their budget and their goals. In this case, we decided the most cost effective use of our time was to focus initially on on-page optimization. We made the site mobile friendly and found them some keyphrases that they actually had a chance of ranking for. We briefly tested these with a PPC campaign too to ensure that they would work for them.

What’s more, we made sure that the site was user friendly and descriptive. We recommended a video on the homepage that would explain exactly what an EPOS was and what types of businesses should be bothered.

With the remaining budget, we focussed on link building. We added to their site to plenty of local business directories, to Google My Business and more. And finally, we wrote them a few blog posts to submit to their site.

We also just cleaned up a few things for them and gave them some advice and consultation. Their social media is a lot better now and they know how to schedule posts so they aren’t spending all day thinking of witty Tweets and other things they can add. We also set them up with some Google analytics so they could start tracking their efforts.

And what do you know? Within no time they were on the first page of Google for a fairly popular search term. This was just enough to help them find some new clients and in a few months, they’ve managed to accrue a little bit more profit.
Guess what? They’re back with us and this time they have a little more to spend. This time we’re going to help them really make a splash!

Case Study: Iron Mike

Case Study: ‘Iron Mike’ the Personal Trainer

Can SEO really help your business? Can it really help you to start getting more traffic, more exposure and more customers?

This is something we get asked a lot by new clients and of course our answer is always YES. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this business!

We’ve helped countless businesses, entrepreneurs and websites to gain massive exposure and change their fortunes and this is something we always like to share. Even if you don’t choose to go with our service, it’s important that you recognize the potential that SEO has to boost your profits and accelerate your business.

And one of the best examples we’ve worked with in recent memory was a personal trainer…

Meet ‘Iron Mike’

So I can’t tell you this guy’s name for the sake of confidentiality but let’s call him ‘Iron Mike’.

Mike is a personal trainer who works in London, England and his job is to help people get into great shape. After a disagreement with the management, he had recently left his job working for Virgin Active when he came to us and wanted to strike out on his own.

He had a few clients that he had managed to carry over from his old job and had the foresight to create a rudimentary website. But he wasn’t gaining any traction, wasn’t increasing his clientele and wasn’t getting paid enough by the clients he did have.

He came to us and asked for help and this is what happened…

How We Helped Iron Mike
The first thing we did for Mike was to help him improve his site slightly. We gave him some pointers and ensured that he would be ready for the influx of traffic that he was going to receive.

We discussed Mike’s budget, his goals and the way he wanted to work.

And we decided that the best way to go ahead was by setting him up some social media accounts, writing some guest posts for local SEO blogs, optimizing his on-page SEO and adding a blog to his site.

Oh and we decided to rank for the phrases ‘Personal Trainer Ealing’, ‘Personal Trainer Acton’, ‘Personal Trainer Westfield’, ‘Personal Trainer London’. Pretty straightforward stuff – these are all areas that are near him and the keyphrases were getting a lot of traffic without too much competition. The ‘London’ keyphrase was something of a catch-all but his ‘’ domain gave him a bit of a leg-up in that department.

We got him to add the guys he was already training to his social media and to encourage them to do a bit of spreading the word for him. This kind of ‘face-to-face’ time with clients is an invaluable tool and can be used to great effect.

Meanwhile, we set about adding his site to business listings in the area, building links from relevant fitness sites in the UK and developing content for his site…

The Results

So what happened to old Mike you ask?

Well he actually started getting a lot more clients even before Google had a chance to react to the work we had been doing.
The social media accounts we’d set up for him, the blog and the mailing list were all enough to help him establish himself as an authority on fitness and to build him a bit of a following and to help him get some new clients.

But then with some help from us, his site started to climb the ranks for his search terms. This was when things just went crazy for Mike – and it’s why we advised him to make sure he was ready for the influx before we went ahead.

In no time at all, Mike was being inundated with new clients: sometimes he was getting 20-50 emails a day!

Of course he couldn’t take on that many clients but this meant he was able to increase his rates significantly. Plus, he even has a ‘waiting list’ now to ensure he has new clients to fall back on when his current ones leave him. He charges enough that he only works 3 days a week!

Mike is currently in the process of setting up his own YouTube channel with the free time he has on his hands. Stay tuned and watch this space for the next big fitness sensation!