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Case Study: The Little Company That Tried…

Case Study: The Little Company That Tried…

Writing up case studies of our best SEO successes is a great way for us to look at what went right and what we can do more of in future. It also lets you guys see precisely the kind of service we provide and why so many companies are choosing serpable for their SEO.

What’s also interesting though is looking at what state many of the companies are in when they get to us. It’s very rare that a company will set up a new website and then hire us to manage their SEO campaign. Instead, they tend to find us only after they’ve tried to do everything themselves – or when they’ve been through several useless SEO companies first.

A recent company we worked with (which we won’t name) was the perfect example of this. We’ll call them: ‘the little company that tried’…

The Business

So what was the company?
Simple: it was a small business cleaned conservatories. The company used an impressive coating technology that meant it the windows wouldn’t get watermarked in future and this was quite a high-end product that they sold to some fairly well-off clients.
Problem was that their pool of clients was drying up rapidly. And so they started trying to handle their own SEO…

SEO Gone Wrong
Unfortunately though, the company seemed to have gotten some bad advice when it came to SEO and so they went about doing everything the wrong way.
They built some social media accounts for starters and then never updated them. Next, they went about adding keywords to their main site.
And then adding some more.

This was like one of those sites you would see in the early 00s. The text was so ‘stuffed’ with keywords that it was very off putting for any visitors and it would more or likely incur a penalty from Google.

Worse was that they then went about buying links and spamming comments sections and very low quality directories with their links. Again, this is exactly how you go about getting penalized by Google and having your site sent to page 100.

The site itself was slow to load and it had a blog on it that hadn’t been updated for over a year.

And then it got worse: they hired a useless SEO company that spammed the web with links even more and then went off the grid. At this point we were their ‘last chance’ and we had some real cleaning up to do!

They had no analytics, no tracking and a very bad backlinks profile.

What We Did
The first thing we did for this company then was to get on the ‘Links Disavow Tool’. This let us remove some of the dodgy links they’d acquired so that Google wouldn’t mark them down for it.
We also very quickly removed the keyword stuffing from their main page and set them up with some tracking.

From here, we researched them some new keywords that people were actually searching. This was quite a niche product but we found some great key phrases around the topic of conservatory cleaning in their area.

Next up, we got to work updating their social media and optimizing their site with a mobile friendly design and some high quality content. This obviously worked because in Google’s next algorithm update their site jumped way up the rankings and they started getting some traffic.

Looking at the analytics we managed to see that one keyphrase in particular was getting them a lot of conversions, so we decided with them to focus on that a little more. We did this by writing around that subject and using some long-tail keywords and some latent semantic indexing (don’t worry about it!).

The company quickly started getting new customers from that point on but we keep things ticking over nicely for them with a monthly service that includes some link building, some content creation and management of their social media account. We also manage a small PPC campaign which is very useful in industries like theirs.

Best of all, using the analytics we set up for them, they can see the exact ROI they’re getting from our services.

See: it’s never too late to turn it around!